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Modern bookkeeping packages allow you to drill down from your accounts or trial balance to your ledgers to see the individual transactions. Some allow you to store those transactions on internet servers or in the cloud. But, if you need access to the original documents, invoices, etc., whether it be for a VAT inspection or to find further information on a purchase, you need to refer back to your lever-arch files. EcoOffice is different – you can still drill down from accounts or trial balance to ledgers and see your transactions but EcoOffice allows you to Double click on the transaction and the purchase invoice, receipt or other document appears on your screen.

No more boxes or cases full of papers if you need to do some work at home. In fact, if you need to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, once you have scanned

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Most accounting packages only allow you to record financial transactions in ledgers and some will even allow you to attach a document to those transactions. EcoOffice goes one step further, supplier statements, payment reminders, letters from suppliers, terms and conditions etc. are all stored in the supplier’s ledger in date order with an appropriate description. A double click retrieves the document to your screen.

Management Accounts have never been easier. EcoOffice does the work for you. When you scan a purchase invoice or receipt that covers a period of time such as a quarterly rental demand it is processed as a TRT – Time Related Transaction – Leave the rest to EcoOffice; it will calculate all of your accruals and prepayments for you. No more working out the prepaid amount and carrying it forward and reversing that entry in the following period.

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  • Monthly management accounts
  • Updating cash flow and business plan
  • Statutory accounts for filing at Companies House
  • Full accounts to HMRC
  • Corporation tax
  • Self assessment returns
  • Payroll

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