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Hundred House Online is Launching!

Hello and welcome to the new Hundred House Online Blog! Hundred House Online is a new initiative we are starting, but we've already been in business as a chartered accountancy practice in the UK for over 40 years. So, the purpose of this first post is to introduce what we do and how we came to this point now of launching this new set of services.


Written by Alex Sweet - 2015-07-24

Launching A Business

Have you ever wondered why you see a certain type of important looking person carrying a clipboard around? It could be a pilot, a cleaner, a construction worker, a car mechanic or even an astronaut but they all probably have the same thing in common: a checklist. What is just so important about a checklist? Well as a real pilot once told me, checklists like warning labels are very often written in blood.


Written by Alex Sweet - 2015-08-30